kitchenCaptureThe kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s the room that draws family, friends and party-goers in. A well designed kitchen will accommodate family and guests while the hosts are utilizing their efficient work space.

We see so many clients whom express frustration about their kitchen.  A cramped space, older layouts, and lack of sufficient storage are some of the reasons that kitchen remodels one of the most common home renovation projects.

A kitchen remodel can add substantial value to your home as well as improving your daily experience of just being in your home.  A well designed kitchen can drastically improve your quality of life right in your own home.

There are many remodel ideas that could turn your drab, boring, and inefficient kitchen into something of a masterpiece.  Adding a large central island can create ample counter space while allowing guests to join you for conversation.  Including a ‘third zone’ in your kitchen remodel can prove to be the most useful change you could make to your space.  In this space you would find the pantry, specialty appliances and holiday dishes.  Many times, when a kitchen is linked to the main entryway of the home, the inclusion of a mudroom that acts as a centralized location for coats, backpacks and even your home command center, could mean a much more organized and functional way of living.

It is important to remember that any home remodel will cause a temporary disruption to your lifestyle.  A complete kitchen remodel could cause you to have no kitchen environment for up to a couple of months.  The end result will make you smile.  You deserve a kitchen space that nurtures your family and friends, while also serving as a beautiful part of your home and an efficient and ample workspace for the chef of the home.   Call us today to get your new kitchen started (860) 345-3569.